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Stunning Temples in Japan That Will Have You Buying a Plane Ticket

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For more than 1,000 years the city of Kyoto was the capital of Japan. Over that time it developed a rich history and many important cultural institutions. Today, the well-preserved and affluent city offers seemingly endless things to see and do. Top of my list was exploring the spectacular temples and shrines in Japan. Let’s […]

Unique dishes made from matcha in Japan – Do not miss!

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Green tea powder (matcha) is one of the famous traditional ingredients in Japan. Green tea dishes are not only popular in Japan but also worldwide. If before, matcha was only known as a tea ceremony drink, it has become more popular now, used as an ingredient in many desserts, snacks, or even combined with many […]

Ramen Restaurants in Japan

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Ramen is probably the most popular of all Japanese foods. However, the iconic Japanese noodle soup dish isn’t a very fancy or sophisticated meal by any means. Let’s find out the top of the best ramen restaurants in Japan with Bestechz! Ramen Restaurants in Japan TOWZEN RAMEN Towzen Ramen is a traditional Japanese ramen restaurant […]

Sushi Toppings You Can Find in Japan and When to Eat Them


Are you in Japan looking to try sushi toppings, but have no idea what to order? Well, we are here to help! Sushi is something you definitely have to try when you come to Japan, and we’ve compiled a handy list to help you in your sushi adventure. Whether you’re feeling brave or a little […]