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Physically remote and still very isolated, Papua New Guinea is one of the least explored countries in the world, both culturally and geographically. This means its cultural life and customs have been allowed to flourish untainted by outside influence for centuries. And, due to the huge number of tribes living here – an estimated 750 […]

Restaurants in Papua New Guinea – Where to Eat in Papua New Guinea


Ever wonder what you can eat in Papua New Guinea? You will have a hard time choosing, as there is various local and international cuisine for you to satisfy your thirst and hunger, while you are on holiday in the country. The good thing is, the eateries cater to all age groups, so don’t worry […]

Traditional Foods You Must Try when in Papua New Guinea

8 Traditional Foods You Must Try when in West Papua

Traditional foods of Papua New Guinea are Eastern New Guinea island’s local foods. While Southeast Asian food has little influence in the cuisine of Papua New Guinea or PNG, the food sees the most similarities with western New Guinea as well as the surrounding Oceanic countries. Papua New Guinea’s food is, surprisingly, largely vegetarian and […]